Brown Deer Technology (BDT) provides software development services for computer hardware systems across the full software stack including programming API development and run-time support.  We have extensive experience with rapid software prototyping, working with pre-production platforms, and developing technology application demonstrations for industry and military customers.

Software Services

  • Programming API and run-time middleware development

  • Architecture-specific parallel programming model development

  • Co-processor offload application development

  • Custom RISC architecture programming support

We provide the CO-PRocessing THReads (COPRTHR) software and services to support the development of high-performance applications for many-core computer architectures.  The COPRTHR SDK provides libraries and tools for programming many-core RISC processors.  Support is available for end-user developers and includes application and algorithm porting, design, and optimization for co-processor architectures using the COPRTHR SDK.  Additional technical services are also available including support for porting the COPRTHR SDK to additional processor architectures.


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