STDCL™ is a portable API for accelerator offload designed in a style inspired by familiar and traditional UNIX APIs for C programming.  STDCL leverages an  OpenCL™ backend to provide broad portability across modern accelerator architectures.

Current Release: 1.6.2 (Freewill)


  • Default compute contexts
  • Dynamic loader for compute-offload programs
  • Distributed memory management
  • Compute-offload kernel execution
  • Synchronization
  • Networked accelerator offload
  • Simplified UNIX-style platform configuration
  • Pre-compiled kernel support across all platforms

  • libstdcl: STDCL API implementation
  • libclrpc: OpenCL RPC backend
  • libocl: Accelerator configuration
  • libopencl: OpenCL CPU backend
  • clcc: Offline kernel compiler and linker

Example. The following simple example shows how SDTCL can be used to simplify offloading computations to an accelerator:

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