Brown Deer Technology (BDT) develops custom hybrid processors for specialized military and civilian applications ranging from digital signal processing to artificial intelligence for edge computing integration.  BDT has developed innovative hardware-software co-design work flows enabling rapid and efficient solutions to be quickly prototype and advanced for production deployment.  BDT focuses on ultra-low-latency computation and highly constrained space, weight and power system requirements.

Skyline System

The BDT Skyline architecture is a family of modular and interoperable architecture components used for constructing custom RISC-V processing cores in applications ranging from simple micro-controllers to provably secure system management processors.  The modular architecture is the foundation for customization and provides the ability to develop generally-specialized processors through our hardware-software co-design workflow.

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BDT develops a family of RISC-V Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) based on our RISC-V DSP Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) extensions.  Our extensible streaming RISC-V DSPs are based on the modular Skyline architecture.  Extensions with native support for complex-valued and fixed-point operations are currently available, with more extensions in development.  Customization and modular assembly of the generally-specialized DSP cores enables application-specific system-on-chip (SoC) integration for digital signal processing in edge computing devices.

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BDT develops RISC-V based dataflow processors for AI inferencing in edge computing applications.  The hybrid design targets resource-constrained applications demanding high efficiencies in performance and memory requirements.  The AI/Edge processor features zero-stall compressed neural-network model execution with robust RISC-V programmability.  The AI/Edge processing cores are available for system-on-chip (SoC) integration for mission-specific processing of image and sensor data streams.

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Our technology is available for use through licensing and services to customers in government, academia, and the private sector.  Supported use-cases range from FPGA soft-core deployment to ASIC fabrication.


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