Brown Deer Technology has designed, developed, and optimized scientific simulation and technical computing software across many application domains, and developed complex software

Software Services

  • Simulation software design
  • Software porting, refactoring, and optimization
  • Application accelerator offload
  • Middleware and API development

Brown Deer Technology provides CO-PRocessing THReads (COPRTHR) software and services to support the development of high-performance applications for many-core computer architectures. COPRTHR-2 SDK provides libraries and tools for programming low-power many-core RISC coprocessors.

COPRTHR (CO-PRocessing THReads) Support. Support is available for end-user developers and includes application and algorithm porting, design, and optimization for co-processor architectures using the COPRTHR SDK. Additional technical services are also available including support for porting the COPRTHR SDK to additional processor architectures.

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