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Brown Deer Technology provides consulting and contracting services to clients with highly specialized computing needs. Technical support ranges from software design, development and optimization for HPC platforms to algorithm design and porting to next-generation technologies.

With years of experience and unique expertise, we deliver innovative solutions quickly and efficiently. Brown Deer provides dedicated support to major HPC initiatives and specializes in rapid prototyping, technology demonstrations, and benchmarking to support hardware selection and acquisition.

COPRTHR (CO-PRocessing THReads) Support. Support is available for end-user developers and includes application and algorithm porting, design, and optimization for co-processor architectures using the COPRTHR SDK. Additional technical services are also available including support for porting the COPRTHR SDK to additional processor architectures.

Scientific and technical computing. Mapping algorithms to architectures requires a technical understanding of the underlying models. Brown Deer provides highly specialized expertise in the following areas of modeling and simulation applications:

  • - Quantum chemistry
  • - Condensed matter physics
  • - Bioinformatics
  • - Encryption
  • - Data compression/search/processing
  • - Seismic
  • - Electromagnetics
  • - C4ISR
  • - Electronic device modeling
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