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Brown Deer Technology provides software solutions for high-performance and accelerated computing. The software we develop is driven by a deep understanding of the requirements for developing high-performance computationally intensive applications targeting the increasingly complex computing architectures that have emerged.  We provide innovative solutions across the software stack including low-level run-time systems, programming solutions for hybrid architectures with parallel accelerators, and advanced scientific and technical computing packages.

COPRTHR-2 SDK. The COPRTHR-2 SDK focuses exclusively on providing the application developer with the libraries and tools needed to develop high-performance applications that utilize scalable many-core co-processors.  COPRTHR-2 provides the most advanced SDK targeting the Adapteva Epiphany low-power RISC architecture for developers requiring parallel programmability without sacrificing performance. (learn more)

COPRTHR-1 SDK. The COPRTHR SDK version 1 provides libraries and tools that simplify the use of heterogeneous computing platforms for developers targeting accelerators and co-processors.

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