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*** Programming Epiphany/Parallella with COPRTHR-2 ***

Latest release: 2-beta (Anthem)

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COPRTHR-2 SDK. The CO-PRocessing THReads (COPRTHR) SDK version 2 provides libraries and tools for programming low-power many-core RISC coprocessors.  Initial support is provided for the Adapteva Epiphany architecture.


  • syscore: persistent coprocessor proto-OS for fast code execution
  • coprcc: cross-compiler front-end for coprocessors
  • coprcc-info: tool for detailed analysis of coprocessor binaries
  • coprcc-db: run-time integrated coprocessor core debugger
  • libcoprthr_mpi: support for threaded MPI
  • libcoprthr: support for the COPRTHR-2 coprocessor API


  • Precise control over code placement in the compilation model
  • Support for host-offload and direct execution run-time models
  • Experimental support for dynamic calls using an instruction cache
  • Unified virtual address-space (UVA) support
  • Host call interoperability: make Linux host calls directly from Epiphany
  • Threaded MPI programming model for parallel code devleopment
  • Support for ARL OpenSHMEM API
  • Integrated many-core coprocessor debugging tool

COPRTHR (CO-PRocessing THReads) Support. Support is available for end-user developers and includes application and algorithm porting, design, and optimization for co-processor architectures using the COPRTHR SDK. Additional technical services are also available including support for porting the COPRTHR SDK to additional processor architectures.

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