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CO-PRocessing THReads (COPRTHR) Software

COPRTHR-1. The CO-PRocessing THReads (COPRTHR) SDK provides libraries and tools that simplify the use of heterogeneous computing platforms for developers targeting accelerators and co-processors.

Features. COPRTHR (a.k.a. "copper threads") provides the following libraries and tools:

  • STDCL® - A portable API for targeting compute offload accelerators and co-processors. (learn more)
  • Tools - The clcc tools support a standard workflow for accelerators and co-processors, generating pre-compiled executables and libraries. (learn more)
  • CLETE - An expression template engine used to accelerate the processing of C++ container classes. (learn more)
  • libcoprthr_opencl - An open-source OpenCL™ implementation for x86_64, ARM, Epiphany, and MIC multicore processors. (learn more)

Latest Release. Version 1.6.0 (Freewill) is now available for download.

COPRTHR (CO-PRocessing THReads) Support. Support is available for end-user developers and includes application and algorithm porting, design, and optimization for co-processor architectures using the COPRTHR SDK. Additional technical services are also available including support for porting the COPRTHR SDK to additional processor architectures.

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